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How to Add Page Numbers to PDF Online

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This article will be useful for those of you who have to deal with large documents. You may also find it useful if your file has a complex structure and you want to make it easily searchable. Fortunately, now you are able to add page numbers to PDF online and navigate through it without effort. All you need to do is upload a file to our web editor and apply the required instrument. It only takes a few mouse clicks and saves you a lot of time.

The best thing about customizing your PDFs online is that it doesn’t require you to download or install anything. You can forget about all software-related complications and enjoy working with your documents directly in your browser. It can be easily done from any internet-connected desktop or mobile device.

How to Add Page Numbers to a PDF

In order to get started, browse for a file you wish to work with on your PC, Mac or tablet, and add it to the web editor. You can also enter the URL of a document in case it is hosted online. If you already have an account, you can import a file from email or cloud storage. Finally, there is a possibility to create a PDF from a scratch using special creator.

Once your document is uploaded, you will see the horizontal toolbar with a number of instruments you can apply to your PDF. However, if you want to add page numbers, go to the vertical menu on the right and click the ‘Add Watermark’ tab.

The watermark menu enables you to choose what type of object you wish to add:

  • Watermark;
  • Date;
  • Page numbering;
  • Bates numbering.

Check the ‘Page Numbering’ box from the dropdown menu. You are now able to customize the size and position on the page. Specify whether the numeration should go through the entire document or you only want to mark certain pages. You can always go back and remove the numbering by simply unchecking the box.

Keep in mind that there’s a great set of other features that we have to offer. Some of them include creating templates, making copies of papers, converting PDFs to Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Try it today and make sure it’s the best digital workflow solution you may find on the web.


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