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Microsoft Outlook has so much in store for effective communication. There are a couple of hacks you might haven't stumbled upon yet, here are some. Track Public Holidays We sometimes struggle remembering holidays, right? Well, the software has holiday calendars for dozens of countries, letting you track your own as well as those of your international clients. Now it wouldn't be hard to remember your day off! Color Coding It’s nice when emails from your boss or an important client stand out from the rest in your inbox, right? You can do just that. You can save yourself a lot of time by setting up Conditional Formatting that does the work for you. Ignore Conversation Have you ever ended up in an email string that's not for you? Maybe someone mistyped the email address. But there’s no need to worry, you can ignore the conversation, keeping the messages out of your inbox and safely transferred to your Deleted Items folder. Quick Parts Frequently type certain phrases? Quick Parts lets you store the text and then can be called on whenever you need them. Whenever you start to type one of the phrases, Outlook will automatically offer to fill in the rest for you. There are still more hacks!

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Let's continue reading about features in Outlook 2018! If you are using Outlook 2018 and have had your ears pierced, you might be curious to know that the software now includes a custom speech synthesizer that generates a variety of accent sounds. It would seem that Microsoft's speech engine can now imitate accents from all over the world, or even anywhere in the U.S. What makes the new feature notable is the fact that the software can now also simulate accents from the local area, depending on where your computer is located. If you feel that you have trouble pronouncing certain letters in certain accents, Microsoft's Speech Engine is capable of providing you with a speech sample at a specific point of time, which will help you along your way. It should be noted that not all native speakers speak in native accents. Some users could use the speech engine to.

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