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Do you have some tricks which may help me to easily transfer myself from a Windows laptop to a Mac?

Linux is not superior to Windows or macOS Cost macOS is free There is now a free version of Windows 10 Linux is free if you don't buy one with a commercial support program attached to it POSIX macOS is fully POSIX compliant Windows is partially POSIX compliant UNIX macOS is UNIX certified (verifiable via The Open Group) Windows is not UNIX certified Linux is not UNIX certified Software Macs can run macOS, Windows OS and Linux OS Clone PCs can run only Windows OS and Linux OS Linux cannot run major commercial software such as Microsoft Office and Add Page Numbers To Photoshop macOS and Windows can run commercial software such as Microsoft Office and Add Page Numbers To Photoshop All three can run the most popular FOSS (free, open source software) applications such as GIMP (Photoshop replacement), Open Office (Microsoft Office replacement) Macs can run Linux software and UNIX software natively Windows 10 can run Linux software if you install the free Linux Subsystem Linux can be a server OS, Windows can be a server OS, macOS can be a server OS Linux is used as a supercomputer OS, macOS is being used as a supercomputer OS (in the US Army mobile cyber attack trucks) Programming languages All programming languages that are available in Linux are also available in Windows and macOS User Friendliness macOS is the world standard for user friendliness, and usability, so much so that to this day all other desktop personal computer operating systems copy the Macintosh metaphor to this day. Windows is the second most friendly desktop personal computer operating system There is only one macOS and one Windows. There have been 895 documented Linux distributions so far. Of those only 200 have not failed yet, this causes a lot of user distress in trying to figure out which one of the 200 distributions is best for them. Linux on the desktop is a copy of macOS and Windows, using visual elements and mannerisms from one and or the other. macOS and Windows are simply click to install, hundreds of millions of users have installed their own Mac or Windows by themselves. Linux has barely a handful of distributions that are pretty close to click to install, but the other 195 Linux distributions can range from difficult to nearly impossible to install and get fully operational for the average desktop user, by themselves. Support Apple provides the world standard for support, making it superb. Simply call Apple and speak to an actual Apple employee for free, or go to an Apple Store and meet with an actual Apple employee in person for free. Apple also provide a huge variety of free classes in their stores which can teach you every thing from booting up and basic use (for seniors) to advanced classes such as film making, etc. Windows support is paid but it is excellent. Linux support is erratic and unreliable. First of all there is no real Linux support unless you pay for a commercial support contract. Everyone else has to rely on using one of the many Linux forums. The Linux forums have a lot of information but t are typically information overload for new users so t are fairly useless. New users will post simple, beginner, questions on the forums and all too often t get attacked by the other users for asking basic questions and not searching for them. Its been known to get hostile in the Linux forums. advanced users often get into online brawls over personal preferences or divergent viewpoints. Stability Linux desktop computers are not as stable/reliable as macOS or Windows computers “Desktop Environment” is the add-on software that makes Linux work like macOS or Windows (or both) and it is known for freezing up all too often. Advanced Linux users will usually set up their computer to be remotely controlled by another Linux computer so that the “Desktop Environment” can be restarted remotely. The average desktop compute user does not have a second computer standing by to be able to restart their primary computer and t find that the need to have a spare machine is unacceptable. macOS and Windows have GUIs that are extremely stable and are not know for crashing, t are known for being reliable. The Linux kernel (the core of what makes it uniquely Linux) can be crashed (to this day) by simply plugging in an unknown USB device. The average computer user doesn't care about the precise device t are plugging into the computer, t will just plug in any device t have available and t expect t to work but if there is no driver for that device then the entire Linux computer can and does crash. This is due to Linux using an antique monolithic kernel, so a fault in USB can crash the kernel and if the kernel is crashed, the whole computer is hopelessly crashed. macOS and Windows feature monolithic kernels that do not crash when unknown devices are plugged into them. Conclusion Linux is not superior to macOS or Windows. There is nothing unique to Linux that cannot be done in macOS or Windows. Linux on the desktop as a personal computer operating system has been such a failure that the latest study shows that only 0.9% of the worldwide desktop computing public actually use Linux. the other 99.1% use Windows, macOS and BSD.

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