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Do you still recommend using KDP, CreateSpace and Smashwords Direct for self-publishing? On which formats does the book need to be prepared for each of these distributors?

I tried many years ago— t might have changed their system since then. But then the problem was that AAFES didn’t have a central clearing house for books. T contracted with local distributors. Those distributors normally will not work with self-published authors. You can approach each PX on a case by case basis and make a deal to sell books as a contractor, much like the people in the booths selling hats and other stuff outside the PX. You will give a percentage of your gross to the PX. You have to sit there and sell the books.

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The PX, by using the Cafés, can be more precise in the accounting. If you know you need a contract from a distributor, use Cafés. You can set up contracts with the self-published authors, with your own vendor. Then the self-published authors can make their own copies of the books and distribute them as they see fit. To set this up, you have to work with Cafés who will provide the contracts and set up these contracts with local distributors. This is a great way to work with self-published authors. I hope this will be helpful for those who want to sell their books through Cafés. If a Cafés distributor is on a mailing list for Cafés groups, ask your group to contact them too. Thanks for using this site.