during Ww2?

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During WW2, what percentage of German soldiers died on the Eastern Front?

After the Normandy landings and up until the end of the Ardennes offensive. Around 104 German Divisions were facing the Western Allies including Italy while nearly 200 divisions were facing the Soviets including the Balkans. After the failure in the Ardennes, more Divisions were sent east. To give a very precise answer would involve detailed study because by the end off 44 and the creation of Volksgrenadier Divisions either from scratch or by rebuilding shattered units, the inclusion of newly created Waffen SS Divisions, most of which never achieved full Divisional status. Add to this the creation of Divisions composed of RAD (Reichs Arbeit Dienst) ie Labour service personnel. Therefore. A full list of available units would be misleading as many were Divisions in name only.

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The “Final Solution” in numbers, The New Yorker, January 25, 2008 WW2-total German losses (WW2-total) 676,000,000 Total German deaths in WW2 1,000,000,000 Total German Army deaths in Europe (in all operations) 1,000,000,000 Total German Army losses in Europe in all operations 3,200,000 Total German Red Army losses in Europe (in all operations) 2,400,000 Total German Army casualties in Europe in all operations 4,700,000 Total German deaths on the Eastern Front during World War 2 (KIA, DOW, MIA) 1,500,000 Total Allied total deaths (total deaths, POW's, MIA's) 4,737,667 Total Allied total deaths in all military operations (including all fronts) 1,814,833 TOTAL German casualties during World War 2 5,200,000 Total Allied casualties during World War 2 (all military operations) 2,740,222 TOTAL German casualties during WW2 4,700,000 TOTAL Allied casualties during WW2 2,740,222 TOTAL German losses due to the Soviet occupation 2,400,000 TOTAL Soviet casualties during WW2 1,600,000 TOTAL British and French.

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