Hello Everyone… I Have a Question about Prototypes And Sketches In?

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Hello everyone… I have a question about prototypes and sketches in games… Is it necessary, before starting your game, to develop a paper prototype in which you explain the mechanics, general designs, rules, etc. and how much time it takes?

There are a ton of resources out there. A game involves a lot of things, including design, writing, art, audio, behaviour (programming), and interaction with the platform (the computer it’s running on). A game engine will take care of (most of) the last part, but the rest is totally dependent on the game in consideration. Some indie devs that do all of this on their own, including rolling up a custom engine that works exactly the way t want it to. Some indie devs divide the work between an artist and a programmer. Some also have a specialist writer, and/or an audio designer. Bigger studios have dedicated teams of engineers, artists, animators, audio folks, etc. There are countless AAA games on Unreal and even Unity, so even t choose to use a platform-integration solution that already exists. My point is. it is not that cut-and-dried, there is no deterministic way to arrive at a “best solution”; there isn’t one. First research and figure out what all goes into the making of a game, and go through some tutorials that teach you how to create a simple, basic game, while providing all the required assets. You will then be in a better shape to answer the questions you have raised here.

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Now, you can still choose a platform solution that has its own drawbacks or drawbacks that are specific to that platform. An engine that's great at providing platforms-integration can provide you a lot of tools that help you to achieve your goals; for example, rendering at native resolution on a monitor. An engine that isn't able to get native resolution right in itself may be a problem due to rendering it from the current resolution; for example a very low res 2d game that won't do much in terms of shading, for example. To get a final solution, you have to learn how to optimize and tailor an engine for the platform you're using. This is why I started working on the C# version. With. Net, I was able to create a renderer that worked both at native resolution, and on my retina monitor. It took me many hours.