How Do I Get the Local Call History of My Bsnl Landline?

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How do I get the local call history of my BSNL landline?

You heard wrong. The IP address does not belong to the phone, it is assigned by the carrier temporarily. It changes often. Knowing what it was at some point in time is meaningless, The IMEI number is an electronic serial number for the handset. Every time a handset connects with a carrier, it sends the SIM card identity and the handset IMEI which the carrier dutifully records. Now, if you knew exactly what carrier was being used for your recently stolen phone, you might be able to get one carrier to look for the IMEI number in their customer database. T probably would not tell you who the customer was if t found it without a court order, to preserve the privacy of their customer. There is no registration of IMEI numbers. It is held by the carrier and not disclosed to anyone. You see, it could be someone that innocently bought your stolen phone. Most phones are shipped to countries where t can be readily sold and not be bothered with IMEI blacklisting. Since you do not know the country your phone might be in, nor the carrier, you would need the cooperation of every carrier worldwide. Not going to happen. You do need to report your phone as stolen to your carrier so t know to disable your SIM card and not charge you for use.

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If you report a seized phone, the carrier will provide you with a replacement SIM card. It gives a month to report the lost phone to the carrier. Even if you lose and report it before the month is over, you will have to wait for a period of 5 years to collect the phone. This is to prevent carriers from selling stolen phones to criminals. Many cell phone stores will not allow you to return your phone to have it verified. There is no legal means of returning a phone. You can only return it via carrier authorized courier. A return shipment is likely to be delayed because the carrier will have been on the lookout for your phone. You can also try reselling it but be prepared to pay much more for a stolen phone. Most carrier authorized courier services will not allow you to return a confiscated.

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