How Do You Create a Website for An Ico?

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How do you create a website for an ICO?

Initial coin offering (ICO) databases illustrate how branding, marketing, and the UX of digital interaction can play a significant role in the success of an ICO website. Actively raising a blockchain project requires as much strategic planning as it does technical expertise. How to develop a website for an ICO that will bring success There is no way to stress the importance of ICO websites more than we’ve already done. This website is the core of the whole ICO campaign as it is your visit card, your face that you present to potential investors. It’s the main means of communication with them. Potential customers’ impression gained through the ICO website is often the final argument for acquiring the coins/tokens. Your main aim should be to create a website for an ICO that would be informative and convincing, but sincere and honest at the same time. The landing page should contain all the information a potential investor may be interested in, such as the project documentation, the team behind the project, the start and end dates, legal information, caps, etc. An ICO landing page goes through three stages of its functioning. before the start of the ICO (there should be a countdown to the start of the sale), during (the progress and the amount already raised should be displayed), and after the ICO (you need to show the final results of the ICO). Structure Is The Key To Usability As a landing page represents one narrative, one story to be told to the potential investors, its sections should be theme-related and follow one another logically. The landing page for an ICO should contain the following sections that serve different aims. Presentation. this section should be focused on the main mission of the project, the information on the progress of the fundraising campaign (how much time is left, how much money is raised, etc.), and a link to join ICO (after its start, of course). Besides, it should provide the link to the whitepaper in .pdf format. Investments. here’s where you give more detailed information on fundraising successes, as well as on the process itself. Provide all the details that may be necessary. the amount of the funds that are already raised, the number of investors, accepted cryptocurrencies, infographics that reflect the milestones of the fundraising process. Information about the project. Tell your potential investors about the key aspects of your project. T may include development milestones, current status, technological aspects, unique selling points, etc. Your task is to convince the reader that your project is worth to be invested in. Bonus points if you provide the project roadmap. Things To Keep In Mind When Designing An ICO Website Functional ICO web design is the core principle that you need to follow to make a high converting website. To achieve it, keep in mind several key questions. • Who are your potential investors? • Is it clear how to use your website? • Is it engaging enough? • Does the website handle errors well? • Can it handle a huge workload? Web design for an ICO also relies heavily on visualization. Your website must be sleek, trendy, but professional at the same time. Here are some tips based on high converting website examples. • Don’t overload it with graphic elements or fonts • There is nothing more pathetic than using photo stock materials, so focus on custom photos and infographics. • Visualize everything you can. project milestones, the number of funds raised and the number of investors, etc. • Make sure that your chosen color palette is not aggressive and looks professional. Your aim must be to make the users fall in love with the website (and subsequently with what you’re selling them) in the first 5-10 seconds. Responsive ICO web design is, undoubtedly, a must. The number of smartphone users keeps rising, so you need to make sure that, regardless of the device used, your website will look the best. Cryptocurrency and token sale (ICO) websites are the trends that are not likely to disappear anytime soon. With the competition getting more and more cutthroat, you need to ensure your online presence looks and feels its best. Your main challenge is to convince your potential investors that it is your project that t should invest in, not someone else’s. Visuals and texts are at your disposal to win the competition and get enough raised. I hope the above answer is helpful to build your own ICO website. Thank you.

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You will not be able to reach anyone who has already emailed you. You can still collect those emails with this template, but they will not get to you directly. Instead, their contact information will still appear on our site where you can continue collecting emails after the ICO. You will, however, need to have a website, otherwise our service of finding email addresses will be a bit of a dead end. (also see how to get a website for your crypto token here) What will be the content on your website? On our site you have all of your contact information and, when the ICO launches, you will also be given the option to purchase additional “Coins” of a pre-determined amount each week through our new “Buy & Sell & Trade” section. Once you’ve paid for your COI, you are still in control of the information you have sent them;.