How Do You Format Your Book for Self Publishing?

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How do you format your book for self-publishing?

How many copies would your average self-published book sell? One of the big self-publishing companies inadvertently gave a very precise answer to that question a few years ago. The company was congratulating itself on having published its one-millionth book. Wow, eh? And elsewhere in the same ad, it said that t have sold 2.3 million copies of those books. Divide 2.3 million sales by 1 million titles and you have an accurate idea of just how disastrously badly most self-publishing books sell. My...

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Add Page Numbers to PDF: All You Need to Know

These estimates come with some big caveats, however. The main caveat is that the two companies don't measure the exact number of copies sold of their titles.  Those numbers are the total market for each title they published.   This means that their sales numbers only count the number of copies sold of their titles. So, for example, if a publisher sells 100 copies of a book. But it also means that the actual numbers of copies sold will be lower than estimated by the company. Which is why, for example, the company said that a book selling 200 copies might represent only an 82% sales figure.  That's pretty far off. So, I was skeptical about the numbers. But the other major caveat is that the company doesn't actually have any sales figures for the titles it has published.  So any numbers it gives are merely estimates. A couple of.