How Do You Measure Roi in Viral Content?

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How do you measure ROI in Viral Content?

ROI is a financial term, it measures money. So the only way to measure ROI on Twitter is to look at the effect of links in tweets to webshop pages. But does that mean that you should limit your behaviour on Twitter to sending links to webshops? You should watch this small video for the answer.

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What is Content? Twitter is primarily a tool like any other communication media. Twitter posts are content. The goal of a content marketing is to be able to convey valuable information to the target audience. Content strategy involves the following four phases in addition to marketing. Phase 1: Planning. This is where you establish a goal and identify the desired impact to achieve by writing a message. Phase 2: Development. This is where you develop a content plan that will deliver the desired impact. This can be online, paper, telephone and other digital channels. This is a key phase in the content marketing strategy and is where you begin gathering data that the target audience will need to consume the content. Phase 3: Implementation. This is where you create an effective delivery method to make the intended message reach potential consumers. Phase 4: Evaluation and reporting. This is where the results from the content.