How Long Does It Take for An Indian to Get a Green Card Via Eb2?

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How long does it take for an Indian to get a green card via EB2?

The March 2019 Bulletin shows the Final Action date for EB2 for Indian citizens is 22 May 2009. However because of the large backlog of Indian national’s green card applications, that priority date is only moving about 3 to 7 days each month. So next month’s bulletin - the April 2019 bulletin - will likely have a priority date of 25 to 29 May 2009. If your priority date is a year later - 2010 you said - then if the Indian national EB2 priority date is only moving 3 to 7 days each month then - at the present rate it will take between 4 1/2 years and 10 years for your date to become current. However you should be aware that one website calculates you may have to wait between a further 10 years and 151 years - See EB2 India Predictions The wait time for someone filing for EB2 today t calculate at 40 years. See March Bulletin at Visa Bulletin For March 2019

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However, India is a big country, and it will take time to fill up the backlog. And that is only one reason why EB2 Indians will never make it in to the Green Card waiting lists. 2. Country priority points. Each country has several prioritized points awarded to EB2 applicants. For example, UK has 5 points for EB2 applicants. In a case of green card being in a priority category, a person is entitled to get the same number of points. Therefore, we can conclude that to get EB2 in a priority category, a person must get 100k points. ? 3. Country quota for EB2 applications. For India, it is 6,900 EB2. Based on the above, it can be estimated that if a person needs 100k points for EB2 to get in to the next window in time, he needs 10.8 years for EB2 in 2014 to 2020. Since the priority dates are not applicable for EB2 for 2016–17, then.

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