How Transparent Was the Process of Passing Obamacare?

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How transparent was the process of passing Obamacare? How does it compare to AHCA/BCRA?

The biggest issue with the Health Care system before Obama took office was that the costs are far removed from the consumer. When you go to a restaurant, to a grocery store, to the movies, to Amazon, to Disneyland, to a vending machine, to a sporting event, or to pretty much anywhere that accepts money. ..there is a cost that is known or disclosed before the transaction is entered by all parties. If any of these places told you that you would receive a bill a few weeks later without discussing price…chaos would be the predictable and inevitable result. Prices would fluctuate wildly (primarily upward) and unpaid bills would rack up. Money typically allocated to customer service would be diverted to billing and collections. Customers would pay premiums that don't necessarily correspond to services t need, want, or use. There would be rampant opportunities for overbilling, kickbacks, and fraud. Obama sought to fix the problems with this system by criminalizing non-participation in this system for all Americans. If it sounds like a stupid plan, then you're thinking clearly. The guy WHO WROTE it attributed its passing to the “stupidity of the American voter.” Fortunately Gruber was kind enough to distinguish the benchmark for stupidity in an American voter…supporting Obamacare. Unfortunately the stupid and non-stupid will be punished alike. Cheers- OH HALE YEAH! P.S. Lest I am thought to not have any solutions…there are industries which have moved away from the follies of big insurance and the quality and price of service has gone up. Plastic surgery is MUCH cheaper and safer than it used to be. Lasik eye surgery is another great example. These services have become EXTREMELY affordable, accessible, and the quality of the leading doctors and procedures is top notch. What used to cost 20,000 now costs 2,000. Isn’t this something we would want to emulate in health care market? No. It takes power away from the state and therefore is not even up for discussion. Another solution would have been to open up insurance across state lines. Imagine if you went on Amazon and you were only allowed to buy products sold in your state. You would flip your lid. How stupid is that? Imagine living in Nevada and not being able to buy things sold in CA. You would be limited to Nevada products only. You would ONLY use Amazon if you had no other alternative. That’s exactly how health insurance works due to government regulation of “interstate commerce” in the insurance market. It’s a total ruse. Obama could have started with either of these two items and made a HUGE DENT in the cost, availability, and flexibility of health care. So…why didn’t Obama do these things? Qui Bono? T do not align with his political sensibilities and therefore were not even considered as viable options.

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Well, now we know the answer. B. Taxes. Taxes! Taxes! Taxes! Obama has proposed to create a new 2% tax for anyone who earns more than 250,000 per year. This could be as low as 200 and as high as 400 if you make more than 500,000.   The 400 level would not apply to your 401(k) plan, and wouldn’t affect your health insurance, so the tax would probably be applied to your paychecks. This tax would add another layer of government control for those that earn high incomes. It would add another layer of government control because now if you earn over 300,000 you will be liable for paying a separate tax.   You can think of it as a tax increase of 2% on everyone earning above 300,000. A tax increase of 2% for everyone at this level is simply outrageous. I have never heard of a single US citizen who.