I Have 3000+ Pictures on My Pc And I Want to Write their Names On?

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I have 3000+ pictures on my PC and I want to write their names on each of them. it'll be forever if I write it myself on each with Photoshop. is there a program that can do that instantly?

Formally yes, if your computer uses at least 1gb (DDR) RAM or above. My experiences shows that even a computer with P4/1gb DDR can run PS, but not the recent versions. CS3 or below will work perfectly for beginner stuff. Again, from my experiences, I can tell that if you wanna run CS5 or above (which most people requires nowadays) a C2D equivalent CPU with 4gb DDR3 RAM will be enough to do some simple work on PS. But when I try to handle several layers on several tabs, my C2D computer feels a little bit sick. So, if you’re gonna deal with complicated stuff, you’ll need a newer CPU with more RAMs, and even an SSD.

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Also, I haven’t tested it, but I think the older version of Windows XP is a little slow. To run CS5 and CS6 on your C2D computer it will actually need at least 4gb DDR3 RAM, more or less. If you have the newest C2Ds that you bought, then that would be enough. Or, if you run Vista/7/8/10, then those are the most likely candidates. There have been many questions concerning what is the maximum speed I can get on my C2D. If you're running an Intel processor which can actually handle the latest games, then you need a faster CPU. It depends on the type of game, but you can expect it to run them at between 10 and 20 fps. I have heard some older computers can run CS5 and CS3 at 120 fps, but even less on CS6. (I am not sure, it's only what people mention)..

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