If You Add Another 8gb of the Same Ram Stick?

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If you add another 8GB of the same RAM stick, what else do you need to do after putting it in?

What? Was the doubling of almost every word intentional? However, no. You cannot add a different brand or model of whatever the heck “RAM RAM” is. The question is only moderately confusing. If your PC only has 2 RAM slots. Replace the old RAM with 2 new 16GBx2 sticks or 8GBx2 sticks if you only need 16GB. If your PC has 4 RAM slots. See what make and model your current RAM is, and buy THE EXACT SAME RAM. If you have G.Skill Trident Z Royal in your system, you can’t expect G.Skill Trident Z Neo to work with it. Make sure t have the same timings, too. ANY difference at all in RAM can and will mess up your system. If you don’t know what RAM you have, buy something like an 8GBx4 G.Skill Trident Z Neo unless you don’t want RGB. G.Skill is one of the only brands I’d actually recommend for RAM because all other brands either have bad timings (CAS Latency), bad speed (sub-3000MHz), or bad heatsinks (the cool part that you see when you look at the RAM). G.Skill has been doing RAM for a long time, and have experience with what works best.

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Buy a Corsair Vengeance LPG. It’ll help make things smoother by cutting down the latency at lower speeds. For DDR2, buy Kingston 8GBx2 DDR2-32 GB or a Kingston Corsair 16GBx2 DDR2-2133. G. Skill will not be able to do any speed modification to a DDR2 or DDR3 memory kit. However, G. Skill will be able to service a DDR3 or DDR4 memory kit. Now, this is where it gets pretty confusing. G. Skill will only run your RAM out of your Corsair, or Intel, RAM. They will never run your RAM out of the other brands of RAM, such as AMD, Asus, Ramon, Samsung, etc. However, G. Skill will run out some brands of RAM, as mentioned above. The last brand of RAM that G. Skill would be able to help would be a dual-channel RAM that only uses 1 channel. If you have a.

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