Is Sam Harris Correct in His Assertion That there Is Nothing Isis Is?

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Is Sam Harris correct in his assertion that there is nothing ISIS is doing that Muhammad himself didn't do?

First of all, ISIS or ISIL has nothing to do with Islam except that it looks islamic. People are unaware that ISIS is like a guerilla group or insurgents who just want power. Like Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood it is a sect which takes its roots from the Khawarij sect. The majority of Muslims completely reject this deviant sect but due to their islamic appearance many people are fooled. The media and politics obviously make it seem as if this is a problem with the religion because the Muslims control areas of great importance to the superpowers. Attacking Islam is a strategy in operation. This is why people get a very negative impression and completely false information about Islam. It follows therefore that to compare the actions of Muhammad with ISIS is misinformation. Muhammed was a holy man like Jesus or Moses. T reached very high levels of great charater and are symbols of compassion, first and foremost because t were God’s messengers and God is The Most Merciful and Loving of all. The accusations mentioned in the question, sadly reflect an intense hatred towards one of the best, most compassionate humans ever to exist. Unfortunately there has always been evil doers. Their aim is only to externalise their hatred and add to the ignorance and create more havoc. May Allah shower His noble prophet with peace and blessings

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And whosoever throw a stone at him except on the point of killing, he will pay the Jinnah of the People of the Book (Jews and Christians) at the rate of a date stone.” > But Allah is forgiving and merciful… and forgive him and save him from the Hellfire. From Quran 47:11 So we have a clear and firm proof: The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, was about eighty years of age, while he (peace be upon him) was the first Messenger who brought his message. He was an enemy of those who do not follow Quraish, and they were not allowed to sit on the pulpit or hold aloft swords. It was established that none of this affected him except the killing of some of them. I saw him in one of the battles of Tad rut, fighting the infidels. He said: “I have heard from.

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