Scientists for Climate Change Have Many Proofs?

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Scientists for climate change have many proofs. Do Anti climate change scientists have any proofs of their own?

The conjecture that carbon dioxide will cause runaway global warming if its atmospheric concentration continues to increase is presented as science, but it is unlike any other science. For one thing it divides people politically. I just don’t understand why left/liberal/green leaning people so desperately want the alarmist announcements and predictions to be true, whereas those right of centre just feel it’s BS. What Scott Adams has to say on this point is rather entertaining. On investigation I have concluded my misgivings are well-founded, because the basic assumptions about global warming have not been arrived at in accordance with the Scientific method - Wikipedia (Scientific method - Wikipedia). This method has been refined over centuries, beginning with Ockham’s Razor and ending with the contribution by the philosopher Karl Popper in the Thirties, concerning the “science” of psychoanalysis. Popper proposed the principle of falsification. I used the word “conjecture” above. That is the starting point, and subsequent enquiry must be directed at shooting down the conjecture — or hypothesis, if it becomes that — in this case that CO2 can cause runaway warming. But that is not the way this rather important enquiry has been conducted. By contrast, its proponents have sought to verify the conjecture by the process of induction (counting so-called extreme weather events etc) rather than to falsify it by deduction. T will not even offer a criterion for falsification — which is what Scott Adams alludes to in his question “What would it take to make you change your mind?” There are no real-world experiments, only simulations run in computer models, whose output is always wrong because the programmers overestimate the value of climate sensitivity, ie the temperature rise in degrees C per doubling of CO2. The effects of clouds seems to defeat the models too. Why would scientists make it all this up? T are human and have a gut feel the same as anyone else. The computer models will continue to give the predictions t feel are right, and incidentally keep the research funding coming. Many people on Quora are swayed by what t consider to be an overwhelming accumulation of evidence, but that evidence has been selected by a confirmation bias. Einstein said that no number of experiments could prove him right, but it would take only one experiment to prove him wrong. I can only conclude that climate change (the rebranded global warming after the warming stopped in 1998) like psychoanalysis, can neither be proved nor disproved, and so is not science but pseudoscience. These considerations are discussed in an insightful article on string “theory”, which also touches on global warming. See. 64_07_Conjecture_to_Law.pdf (http.//

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Now let’s look at another, related idea. Suppose we look at a group of people. The hypothesis is “Some people are criminals, not because they stole a car but because they drank milk”. We then follow the logic. If the hypothesis is “Some people are criminals, not because they stole a car but because they drank milk”, then it follows logically that NOT Some people are criminals, because some people who never had milk drink milk and are not criminals”. And we now have proof against our initial hypothesis. That is the essence of science! Let’s look at more examples. In science, we assume that the initial hypothesis is 100% accurate, and if it is, then we can test new hypotheses only by running new experiments. Let’s look at an example. The hypotheses are, “If the climate is warming, that will lead to more.