What Are Some Easy Ways for Screenwriters to Cut down the Page Counts?

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What are some easy ways for screenwriters to cut down the page counts of their screenplays?

When your heart tells you it’s done. But even then, if you’re lucky, it’s so not done. and that’s because you have to accept the simple fact that if your script sells (make that read. HELL YEH) the writing begins again. producers will demand rewrites on your completed script and if you’re lucky, you will be hired for that rewrite. If you’re not so lucky, well, kiss your so-called completed script goodbye. Either way, I can assure you that your so called ‘completed’ script is not a shooting script. Period. If your script sells and you def want it too, it won’t last as it was written. Producers will gut it, turn it into something else. T will have their reasons but the point is, the only time your script is actually ready to shoot will be determined by someone else. so finish according to your heart and soul. And then pray it sells. And then pray that you are hired to rewrite it. And then pray that the producers involved can handily work with you as t slowly undo your art. and then, by way of some painful collaboration, you just might have a final script. otherwise, just write it. Post it. Let it win some awards and move on to the next. Most of my award winning scripts are purposely second drafts and no more. Because I know, in the end, whether it’s finished or not, is not my choice.

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I will never know how long it will take to turn it into a finished screenplay, either. But I do know which way Hollywood will lean. So let me make some predictions to help you prepare to survive and thrive. My current favorite screenplay is one that won an Academy Award for Best Screenplay. So I’ll go with that one. But here’s where I’ll take a slightly more scientific stab. You may call this “the science of writing a novel in three hours.” Just think, if you started today, then tomorrow morning you might have completed an entire novel in five hours. So go out and write the first draft tomorrow, make a list of all the places that are good and bad. Then, go out tomorrow and rewrite all the bad stuff. The problem with the bad things is that it takes longer to correct it. The.

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