What Are Some Must Have Android Apps?

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What are some must have Android apps?

Like everyone else I depend upon my smartphone for everything, ranging from knowing the current time to doing my numerous assignments on the go. The biggest utility hands down, will be to read content in form of blogs, news, articles and also awesome some Quora answers here. Since I read interesting stuff here and there all over the internet, the difficulty arose in curating the content for future reads. If you take the example of Quora, the 'reading list', which is somewhat a quasi-curating option refreshes itself within a week, so you lose all your favourite answers in a jiffy. Chrome bookmarks are tedious and once you clear its data for freeing up memory, your bookmarks vanish into thin air too! Then one day I stumbled upon this article on YourStory featuring a startup which created an app to solve all content organization woes. Named CubeIt, this app creates 'Cube' for each topic, and you can collect and save content from virtually anywhere. from net to frequently used apps. Frankly, I was a tad bit surprised. I mean, a content curating app and it raised $3 million in seed-funding! Anyways I gave CubeIt a try. And as soon as I started to get a hang of it, it felt as if this was that one neat app which was missing from my smartphone. So what CubeIt does is basically this. you create a subject or 'Cube', under which you keep on adding content from apps or websites. The list of apps includes but not limited to Evernote, Reddit, YouTube and ofcourse Quora! So if you wish to share your curated 'Cube' to your friends, all you need to do is click a button and voila, all the content in that Cube can be viewed by your friends. This does away with the extensive tiresome process of copying a link, sending it via IM app and saving it somewhere else in case you or your friends need it in future. ​ ​ ​ ​The utility doesn't end here. I discovered another interesting feature accidentally when I saved a location on CubeIt. Since I have Ola app already installed in my smartphone, it gave an option to either navigate or call a cab; if you save restaurant details from Zomato it will give you options to call/navigate/book and what-not. So CubeIt extends itself beyond the content management tag, it is virtually an intelligent personal assistant handy with all the help you may need based on the stuff you save. ​ ​ ​ What I absolutely love about CubeIt is you can save anything. a tweet, video, picture, news articles, locations, documents under one roof. Not limiting the content to a specific format is its primary USP, according to me. The 'Cube' concept is superb and maybe the first in market, where you can pack all the content together and share it rather than scavanging through your saved files and links. CubeIt worked like a dream for me, thanks to its easy user interface and sharability, and I would highly recommend for avid readers, students and office-goers who have to deal with a lot of stuff including notes, presentations, documents and videos etc. and would love to have them organized for quick access. So go and give it a try, and especially to the Quorans like me, this app won't disappoint you for sure! To download this app. http.//qbt.io/BGTg

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