What Are Some Online Resources from Where I Can Get Cool And?

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What are some online resources from where I can get cool and progressive Java projects/applications to build?

Social Networking Site / App Slack time social networking site. Anonymous entries only, where you suggest something that you like to do and people going to join you. So you’ll make new friends. It’s not a dating site, it’s a social networking site and exactly what you might want to do. “I wanna watch the new Stephen Seagal flick and see if he’s able to come up with some serious character play now. Didn’t give up the hope yet. Monday 1900 cinema at Washington Str. Join me?” The whole thing is anonymous but you can still vote up or down if the evening was bad or good. To give some feedback. You might have some history after a while of “glorious evenings to spend with” or something. Well, possible that there’ll be people you didn’t know yet that will join you. You have to work on some details, though. Could be a stupid idea, but if you, for example, limit the thing to your school or university you can control a bit about the folks that’ll join you. And I always thought that could be a nice thing to have. A site that’s creating little fun events for everyone. Don’t know, sounds like an interesting idea. And yeah, that includes a lot of data structures. And it sounds useful, maybe you’ll be the next Zuckerberg with that.

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