What Are Some Time Saving Tips That Every Linux User Should Know?

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What are some time-saving tips that every Linux user should know?

Type init Q instead of init q when working on remote systems. This will keep you from mistyping an init 1, which will save you untold hours of agony and heartache. (init q causes init to re-read the inittab. init 1, on most sytems, drops the system to single-user mode, which eliminates your network access. Not pretty.)

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When you are in single-user mode, it's easy to mix up the names you write for your units. Sometimes you are trying to set Unit 1 as Unit 2, without realizing it is actually Unit 2. You have your Unit One, Unit Two, and Unit Three to name your units (or Units 2 and 3 if you happen upon the wrong units). Unit 1 is Unit Two. (That doesn't look right.) Unit Two is Unit Three. (that looks better.) Unit Three is Unit One. (The unit name is still confused, but at least it's not Unit two.) So, just by being careful of the Unit name, you can avoid this. This doesn't have to apply to all situations, but it's a good idea anyway. If you ever do forget which unit you are working with, the command system. Unit has a convenient way to find it. This command is available through.