What Are the Absolute Best Ways to Promote And Market Mobile?

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What are the absolute best ways to promote and market mobile applications to get more downloads?

1. SUBMIT FOR REVIEWS Getting your app/game reviewed is a must for developers willing to promote their app. Major app review sites like MobileStartupz.com, 148apps, AppStoreApps.com, and App Safari are some good options to consider. Submitting to review sites will provide your app with some initial publicity, and if your app is really good, these sites will also help you get noticed in the app industry. If you have developed a paid app, make sure you add a redemption code so that bloggers can download your paid app for free and write a review. 2. SOCIAL NETWORKING Post about your app and announce it to your friends, family, and associates across some of your popular social network accounts like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Submit your iPhone/iPad app to social media and bookmarking sites like Digg, Stumble Upon, and Reddit. If you know more social bookmarking sites where we can promote iOS apps, do let me know via the comments. 3. CREATE WEBSITE/LANDING PAGE Create a new website with a relevant domain name and SEO optimized keywords. Include some video descriptions about the app and screenshots to make the consumer become aware of its features and usefulness. Collect relevant customer feedback and provide forums for user queries (more on this in a minute). 4. PROMOTE THROUGH FREE CONTENT Promote your app through blogs related to mobile apps or technology. You can even promote it through startup communities. One such free website is MobileStartupz.Com where a startup community votes on and ranks apps submitted every month. MobileStartupz is a good option if you have multiple apps for different operating systems. T also accept Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry apps. 5. ADVERTISE YOUR APP Advertising is a great idea for any kind of app/game. Get to know the websites which fit into your app’s niche and buy up some ad space. You can even contact a few bloggers who are willing to promote your iOS app in exchange for some kind of compensation, monetary or otherwise. Promoting an iPhone/iPad app through advertising is a great way to reach a large number of people and acquire a good user base. Related Read. How to buy ads from BuySellAds 6. CREATE FREE AND PAID VERSIONS You can attract a large initial user base by promoting the free version of your app (either a free trial or with ads). If the user desires more functionality or wants the full features of the app, provide an option to buy an upgrade through an in-app purchase. As an added bonus, with this approach you can make a good profit on the ads driven from the free app and also from the revenue generated when users purchase the paid premium app. 7. GIVEAWAYS AND COUPONS Promoting an iPhone/iPad app through a free giveaway contest or adiscounted coupon code will land you a good number of interested customers. The giveaway idea is especially useful for apps that are new and have been recently launched. You can even giveaway promotional items such as T-shirts, coffee mugs, buttons, etc. which will help you gain popularity through brand awareness. 8. SEARCH MARKETING There are many search marketing engines. Some of them are. Google AdWords Yahoo Search Marketing Bing Search Marketing Baidu Advertising (China) Yandex Search Advertising (Russia) T all offer keyword related advertising which you can use to promote your app. Select the appropriate keywords/budget and direct the ad to your Apple App Store link. 9. FORUMS Creating a forum for your app’s users helps you to retain your customer base. It also lends credibility to the app’s stability, development, and customer support. Create an active forum for your app in your app’s website. Also, it’s a good idea to make a Facebook page for your app to get additional feedback and further connect with users. 10. COLLABORATE Collaborate with the influencers and well-known business people in your industry. This will help you get recognition in your field and build up your app’s identity. Find local, like-minded people who are willing to collaborate with your iOS app promotion. This could include tech bloggers, book authors, newspaper journalists, etc. You could even consider collaborating with your minor competitors as a partnership against your major competitors

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