What Are the List of Ncerts That I Need to Study from Class 6 to 12?

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What are the list of NCERTs that I need to study from class 6 to 12 for Civil Services?

Yes it is important to read the selected NCERTS specifically Geography, History, Art and Culture, Sociology, 11th, 12th Selected chapters of Biology. The reason is NCERTS books have very simple language which is very easy to understand and the level or content increase with increasing the classes like 6th class geography will have just name level detail of Soils, National Parks etc, when you read 8th class NCERTS you will find type of Soils and their geography area and when you read 11th class geography then you will have complete details of each and every thing about Soils, types, how t are productive for which crop and lot more ,so when read like these then you feel very comfortable in reading, understanding and memorizing the content -That is the magic part of NCERTS. Let me tell you I have read environment Shankar IAS NOTES, I had to literary memorize, by heart the content, since I had not read NCERTS, when I read first NCERTS and then read notes and standard books then it was very easy to read and.understand the higher level of topics. I do not agree with Illa Mama answer that you don't need NCERTS, you have also read them right? I agree with point that only reading NCERTS and thinking I will crack the exam is myth, you must have to read the standard books or even few books like Laxmikant for polity are so simple and readable that you don't need any NCERTS for polity, but you definitely need 11th and 12th class geography books for covering geography.

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