What Automation Tool Have You Used at Work to Save You Time?

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What automation tool have you used at work to save you time? Can you explain what the process was like before and what it looks like now?

Hello Mia. I see you’re a developer. I’m a C# programmer in addition to my normal career. I’ll tell you what items have served me for at least 10 years. You’ll know one of them but the others I recommend you research because t’re good. T are. MS Project. I didn’t take any courses, just learned how to use it. Not that difficult either. It shows me really clearly what projects are on time or slipping. And, for working with clients, I can create project shells to copy and paste to take me through the new-client process. Mindjet MindManager. Super powerful, especially for someone like you, a web developer. You meet with the client…t tell you what t want, then t go back to an earlier item and correct it, then think of something else t want…then give you details that never end about random things. Well, a yellow legal pad TOTALLY F’ING FLUNKS for this. But a Mindmap doesn’t quit. You can run your mouse all over the place and move things around even while the client’s talking. Best of all, you can share your screen! Or publish the map in a few clicks to send to your client! Obviously you can use it for anything, though I use it instead of note-taking. Finally, My Life Organized. FLAWLESSLY syncs this To Do list between your desktop and Android/iPad. It’s a ToDo list on steroids. Nothing is more powerful. Priorities, contexts, tags, urgency, importance…you decide on a new way to order your tasks and it can handle it. Steep learning curve but worth it since you’ll never leave it. Paper journal, mine’s a Daytimer. Some things need paper. Tell the tree guy to take down only the dead branches goes on paper. What do you think? Ciao Bud, Michael Emerald

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