What Can a High Iq Be Used for in Everyday Life?

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What can a high IQ be used for in everyday life? Any examples?

What does a high IQ actually help with day to day? A~~~~I’m still fuzzy on how IQ relates to intelligence or overall smartness, but for now I’ll make a general assumption that a high IQ has resulted in someone being smarter than average, though I understand the language may be a bit wobbly. Also please note that education plays a large part too when it comes to smartness. I have a college degree in addition to a high IQ. As I go through my day, I don’t really notice it all that much—I do what I do and I do it well and get things done. It’s only when I find myself comparing others to me that the benefits become more obvious—so it’s a comparison thing. I suffer from the opposite of the Dunning-Kruger effect—I assume that most people can do what I do—solve problems the way I do with relative efficiency. And I’m constantly reminded that my evaluation of my skills is underrated. Apparently those who are very smart often assume everyone else is too—until it happens. the girlfriend who couldn’t figure out 10 percent of a particular number—with a calculator in her hand! I did the calculation—without the calculator. the plumber I had to instruct how to fix the toilet. He couldn’t figure it out until I showed him. He did the labor, but I had to point out the fix. the co-worker who put a foil-wrapped sandwich in the microwave because she didn’t know that tin was a metal. the lady at the market who thought that 40 percent off of a $40 purchase meant it was free. my sister who thought her misfortunes were the results of demons acting in her life. She actually thinks magic is real. an employee who begged me to keep him employed because it allowed him to sell drugs more easily. These are just a few that come to mind. I’m reminded on a fairly regular basis how dumb many people are. Employees, co-workers, customers, etc. Even in menial jobs if you approach it with intelligence the job performance increases. A dishwasher will be able to figure out the fastest way to wash the dishes, for example. Resulting in overall efficiency. A waiter who’s calculated the best way to manage 7 different tables will be more efficient than one who ignores the important factors. Resulting in management approval and larger tips. A delivery driver who plans his route in advance will be able to deliver more product during their shift.

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Results in fewer collisions with cars. I could go on, but these come immediately to mind. I know what I’ve learned to do better because my IQ gives me insights in situations and I have been able to apply them over time. I know what I thought was smart, but realized it was stupid, and has changed. I know what I thought was smart, but realized it was stupid, and has changed. I have an idea what everyone thinks is smart or stupid—or something in between, but it has improved. How to Increase Your IQ: It’s Just a Question of Practice The good news is that your IQ doesn’t grow linearly—you can go from an IQ of 120 on a 10 point scale down to 70 on a 7 point scale, but you can’t go from 120 to 100 overnight. But, it’s not uncommon for an IQ.