What Does the Bible Book “numbers” Mean?

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What does the Bible book “Numbers” mean?

Jesus was quoting Psalms 82.6 of the OT, from a Psalm written by Asaph [the recorder], which is a prayer for Judgment. “I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.” He referred to Israel’s judges [of the law] who were t be Godly men, honest and truthful. T were often referred to as gods. In that day and age, the word “law” was sometimes used of any and all sacred writings. This quote of Ps.82.6 was Jesus CLEARLY stating proof of His deity to the Jews with the following reasoning. If ordinary judges were called gods, why should it be blasphemy of Him to claim deity who indeed was the Son of God and one in unity with God? Here Jesus once again confronts the Jews with their own hypocricy. This takes place shortly after the 6th attempt by the Jews to kill Him. Many of the religious leaders of the Jews had, by now, seen Jesus perform miracles with their own eyes, yet denied His deity b/c t loved their positions of power, authority and easy living style. Jesus goes on to say, “If I don’t do the works of my Father [in Heaven] then do n’t believe me [orin Me,]. But if I do [the works of God, miracles] tho you still don’t believe in Me, then believe the miracles that I do and believe that the Father is in Me and I in the Father. ‘

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Jesus said that if He had told the Jews as explicitly on the way to Golgotha’that He was only the Word made flesh [incarnation] of God and had no flesh nor bones, but was in reality one in unity with God, that he would have been blaspheming. In this quotation God is saying to Jesus that if he had revealed Himself as the son of God in truth from the beginning it would have been blasphemy. (see:gospel of John(2:7), 16:34). As we know, they crucified Jesus anyway. Therefore, the above is a very important “quote” that we must examine carefully to see if the above was in fact the teaching of Jesus. [As we further know, this passage UPS.82.6is now called the Second Gospel by Christians because Jesus was arrested along with his followers before the crucifixion. This was a great disappointment to Jesus since.

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