What Is a Topological Insulator?

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What is a topological insulator, and why is it interesting?

In no particular order. Theory (Based on personal preference, the significance of their prior accomplishments as well as recent work) 1) P.W. Anderson (Princeton) 2) Robert Laughlin (Stanford) 3) Steve Kivelson (Stanford) 4) Anthony Leggett (UIUC) 5) Patrick Lee (MIT) 6) Xiao Gang Wen (MIT) 7) S.C. Zhang (Stanford) 8) Subir Sachdev (Harvard) 9) Nigel Goldenfeld (UIUC) 10) Philip Phillips (UIUC) 11) Chetan Nayak (Station Q, Microsoft) 12) Douglas Scalapino (UCSB) 13) Marin Soljacic (MIT) Experiment (Based on personal preference, the significance of their prior accomplishments as well as recent work) 1) Seamus Davis (Cornell) 2) Paul McEuen (Cornell) 3) Keith Schwab (Caltech) 4) David Awschalom (UCSB) 5) Dan Ralph (Cornell) 6) Charles Marcus (Harvard) 7) Michael Roukes (Caltech) 8) Hari Manoharan (Stanford) 9) Mildred Dresselhaus (MIT) 10) A.N. Cleland (UCSB)

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