What Is Better to Read?

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What is better to read, PDFs or books?

It largely depends upon what you are more comfortable with. I would prefer that you should keep a balance between the 2. Hard copy we read from books, Magazines , novels and t all provide good stuff (provided you have done a wise selection of the book). Also t provide detail oriented information. Soft copy reading generally includes Articles, ebooks, online news etc. Linkedin, Flipboard, Newspaper apps like business line, economic times, forbes and many more. T provide limited information on a topic, very specific in nature, particular about a person, company, activity or agenda. We learn much with less details. And ebooks also are not available for all the books. Crux - First decide what you want to read and how. Is it detail oriented or higher time involvement or a leisure time spend activity or you follow something which you love to read. What i do - i study subjects from books as i know it will give me best gyaan and which holds true And i read articles , business news from apps like Linkedin, Flipboard, Moneycontrol, Business line, Forbes, HBR, Mckinsey reports - where my focus is to keep myself updated with what is going around and to learn different topics. Thanks

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Add Page Numbers to PDF: All You Need to Know

Have you found any value of the learning process and its benefits ? Which is the best type of study method to learn a new topic? Do you find it difficult if you are busy in school and don't have a free session every week ? I think that there is a big problem where many people are not getting their time. They are putting off what they should have, but then the problem is that it will never be a problem if there is time, not when you are waiting for a session! I can see that the amount of learning may have some relation to your time, but also your level of commitment. Do you have any tips as to how to make yourself more active in learning new subjects? First off, try reading and learning from books. They contain a lot more learning than the blogs or internet, you.