What Is the Best Way to Take Digital Research Notes for Later Sorting?

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What is the best way to take digital research notes for later sorting and categorizing?

People say handwritten notes are better than digital notes… I disagree. 1) You can easily store your digital notes forever… the notes take no space on your harddrive. You can also access them from anywhere. And you can modify them as you learn more about the topic. 2) Notes help you learn by forcing you to reduce a set of ideas to their core concepts. With digital notes… you can type them quickly, you aren’t forced to reduce the concepts. Written notes. you have to be brief because it takes more effort to write them. So the studies showing better learning with hand written notes aren’t that surprising, but there’s nothing preventing you from taking high quality, condensed digital notes, just make a deliberate effort. 3) There are many practical advantages to having digital notes. So I’ve got notes from books I read years ago (computer science) and I can access them from anywhere, I can search & find the exact thing I read about (even on the fly at work)… I can scan them over (t’re very condensed) and get a full refresher on that book in less than an hour. Why read a book if you are going to just forget it in a few years?

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