What Is the Craziest Thing You Have Ever Said Or Done at An Interview?

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What is the craziest thing you have ever said or done at an interview and still gotten the job?

*Enters interview room. Greets the interviewer. Sits down.* *Insert couple of typical interview questions here* Interviewer (Goes through my resume. Curiously reads about my college project). " I see that you have done your project in 'D'jango. Tell me more about 'D'jango " Me. Sir, its pronounced Django. The 'D' is silent. *awkward silence. I got a hunch that I might have successfully screwed this interview up * Me. *Explains more about django and python. The interviewer seems to be impressed* Interviewer then asks a couple of puzzles that I was to able to answer quite easily. Got the job! PS . For those who don't get it, Django (web framework) is a web framework built in python. Django is pronounced as "jang-oh" (the D being silent). The usage "Django, the D is silent" appears in the movie Django Unchained (2012 movie).

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