What Is the Latest Procedure of Completing Wes Educational Assessment?

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What is the latest procedure of completing WES educational assessment for Canada from Pune University?

Whatever Jigar has stated is correct. Just to add my experience to avoid one mistake for others..in the attestation application on the university website when you add all your marksheets/degreee and the WES form, there is checkbox Professional - Yes/No, even for WES Form select YES. Else it will not be counted and he will ask you to pay extra 15/- for WES form again at the counter. Also if you have two degrees such as BSC and MSC then in WES site you are going to mention only MSC but for Pune University you are going to create TWO applications for attestation 1. for BSC and 2. MSC. This is because you must submit Bachelors degree ECA (per WES site). Now waiting for the Uni to give back the envelops.. Thanks Jigar.

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