What Is the Procedure of Publishing the Book Self Written?

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What is the procedure of publishing the book self written?

It’s not entirely true, but self-publishing is still exercising the rights most coveted by publishers. exclusive first world rights, the right to be the first to publish that book. If it’s previously been published (even by yourself), then that right is no longer available, and the best a publisher could hope for is some lesser license, such as reprint rights. Unless there’s a compelling financial argument for the publisher to make that deal (the franchise has become a bestseller), t have no reason to expect a return on that investment. Not to mention the Ghetto Effect. self-published books aren’t well-respected by the industry unless their sales figures command respect.

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You have to figure out why the market is asking for it when it doesn't have to be,” Lackey says. “The publishing industry needs to keep going. We're an old-fashioned industry. If you see a market changing, and it's a change from a mass market to non-mass, then it will eventually come. It takes a lot of effort and a lot of foresight.” So, if you want to be an author, try not to think too hard about being an author; let it come, but understand its inevitability, and, as Lackey says, “be on the lookout.