Why Are Apple Operating Systems More Secure Than Microsoft?

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Why are Apple operating systems more secure than Microsoft?

Hi, Faisel! Statistically, that can be argued. However, a practical sense, the answer is emphatically “No.” Security through obscurity does not work. My experiences with Apple are pretty grim. My one close associate who used Apple every day was mercilessly hacked. Apple has a poor security record historically. The reality of software security is that it depends heavily upon both the number of people using the software who can identify flaws and the number of people patching flaws. Apple has comparatively few in both categories. Most Apple users are ignorant of software design, there are fewer programmers and technicians who use Apple. In addition, Apple’s software is closed source, preventing all but Apple from patching flaws. Much depends on how many Apple programmers are assigned to secure the system. Apple’s one grace is that it has better privilege separation than Windows, which prevents a lot of nasty behaviour, however, as the user base is particularly smaller, patches are less effective and often. In many situations, using Apple software is no safer than using Microsoft’s. If you want a pro-active security, consider opensource software instead.

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Most open source software uses some form of authentication. A number of software vendors have even gone so far as to implement a 'trusted boot' feature that uses hardware-based, on chip, authentication that will stop malware, Trojans and other threats, using malicious code being loaded that can execute without user knowledge. That makes things considerably better than a traditional OS with a proprietary key. In the past we've covered a lot of different aspects of security, but this is the first time we've really covered privilege separation. So, to summarize: The real-world experience in this space is that security through obscurity doesn't work, at least in some cases. Furthermore, because of the closed source nature of Apple's OS, any security-enhancing patches it applies will almost certainly never be released to the public. On the other hand, because open source software tends to be more vulnerable, the amount of security.

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