Why Do Some People Say Apple Macs Arent Good?

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Why do some people say Apple Macs aren't good?

My first computer was an Apple ][, which I got in 1978. So I started out as an Apple guy. During college, I had a summer internship at a company that was designing a doctor’s office management system that could run on a “personal computer.” T had two competing options, Apple ][ or IBM PC. I was really hoping t’d go with the Apple, but then, IBM came out with the XT computer, which come with a hard drive. With that, the company I worked for decided the IBM was the way to go. Anyway, from there on, work pulled me towards the IBM PC/MS-DOS world. That lead me to Windows. Ultimately, most of the world went to Windows and Apple barely survived. Anyway, over the years, I’ve become quite proficient with Windows and have found a lot of very useful software that I rely on, which all runs on Windows. Plus, I like being able to build and upgrade my own computers. At this point, Windows is the only thing that makes sense for me. In my IT support business, I end up working on a lot of client’s Macs, so I have a bit of experience with Macs. However, using a Mac to me is like visiting a foreign country. Everything is strange and different from what I am accustomed to. And I know from dealing with Mac hardware problems that I’d never be happy with hardware that is designed to be difficult to fix. Give me a standard PC in a standard case, with standard parts, not some crazy machine where everything is customized and can’t be replaced with ordinary computer parts. The price difference between Windows PCs and Macs can be a little deceptive. As another person pointed out, all Macs are built with high-end parts. If you buy a Windows PC built with the same level of quality, it will be nearly as expensive as a Mac. The thing is, with Windows PCs, you can buy a really cheap PC, or even a decent refurbished PC, and have something that is perfectly usable. Not everyone needs a blazing fast computer, or a fancy, ultra-thin, lightweight, all aluminum laptop. If you are satisfied with a desktop, or a somewhat larger, heavier, all plastic laptop, you can do just fine for a lot less money.

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In most cases, even if you put money into a newer Mac, like I do, you will get a machine that has almost the same or similar specs as your desktop computer. However, if you want a machine that is less expensive and that is faster, you are looking at spending at least several hundred extra dollars. If you want to have great computing performance, especially for video editing, then you are going to use a Windows notebook. For this, you need a top-of-the-line laptop that provides you with the fastest core processors, the biggest storage drives, and, of course, the best operating system (Windows) possible. The point is, if you have to buy a Windows laptop to get the power for your video editing, film rendering, and music production, it is going to cost a lot more than you should. So if you get a regular Windows notebook.

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